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The annual MOT test checks and ensures that your vehicle meets acceptable environmental and road safety standards. The MOT test is a legal requirement for vehicles that are at least 3 years old then every year. Some vehicles require testing when they reach one year old, we will be able to advise you if required.

MOT Class 4 & 7

Below is a comprehensive list of the items which will be checked during your MOT test:
  • Bodywork
  • Brakes
  • Doors
  • Emissions
  • Fuel System
  • Horn
  • Lights
  • Mirrors
  • Seatbelts
  • Seats
  • Registration Plates
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Windscreen
  • Wipers and Washer Bottle

About an MOT test in Warrington...

Any vehicle driven on the road needs to be kept in a roadworthy condition. An MOT test with CJ Auto Service Ltd, based in Warrington, will ensure that your vehicle meets environmental and road safety standards.

An MOT test and a service are entirely different; an MOT doesn’t check your car’s serviceable filter. On an MOT we check the mechanical but we don’t check perishable parts & filters etc.

Your vehicle must be presented for an MOT by the third anniversary of its registration or on a yearly basis (before the date of its last MOT) if over three years old. Some vehicles require testing when they reach one year old, we will be able to advise you if required.

MOT Test Warrington

Your MOT must be renewed before it expires. You will not be able to drive your car on the road with an expired MOT and could be prosecuted if caught. The only journey you’ll be able to make is to the MOT centre if you’ve booked your test.

We are approved by DVSA and all MOT tests are carried out by approved testers. An MOT can be completed up to one month prior to its expiration date.

If you would like to find out more about what happens during our MOTs in Warrington or your certificate is expiring soon, get in touch with the friendly team at CJ Auto Service Ltd today. Our MOT Warrington services come recommended from many of our happy customers throughout Warrington.

Booking a service at the same time as your MOT Warrington...

It’s important to consider than an MOT is different from getting a service as it does not check the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. For this reason we believe it is essential to service your vehicle annually.

By booking your service and MOT together you can save time and potentially money. This is because mechanics can:

  • Conduct a service on your vehicle before the MOT. Helping to discover any issues which may fail your MOT.
  • Complete all required maintenance work together, saving you time and avoiding the need for you to arrange separate servicing and MOT appointments.
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An MOT and a service differ in the sense that a service is needed on a recommended basis to ensure the upkeep of your car. An MOT is a legal document that ensures that your car has passed the required test, so it is fit for the roads. You must make sure that your vehicle undergoes an MOT examination once a year. It is your responsibility to arrange this with your local or trusted garage in plenty of time, so this certificate doesn’t expire. If your car is heading towards its expiry date, you can arrange an MOT test Warrington with the team at CJ Auto Service, so you can make sure that your yearly MOT is done in plenty of time and can be a smooth process.

Most of the time your MOT goes by without a hitch, and you are able to carry on driving your vehicle without any issues. But if your vehicle happens to fail its yearly MOT, this means that you will receive a refusal of MOT certificate to indicate your vehicle has failed the test. Then you will have to get the vehicle repaired and then retested to make sure you claim a valid MOT certificate so your vehicle can continue to drive on the road safely and legally. Do you need a car MOT Warrington to retest your vehicle? CJ Auto Service can help.

If you would like to keep the same expiry date for your MOT, then you can book in for your MOT test up to a month before the date in which it is meant to expire. This should give you plenty of time to arrange a date and time that is convenient for you, so you are not rushing trying to get an MOT in Warrington at the last minute! If you choose to take your MOT test in this period, then your expiry date will roll over to the next year. This means that if you take your MOT Warrington a month before it is due to expire, you will effectively have 13 months until your next expiry date.

An MOT is a legal check that is performed on your vehicle to ensure that it is road safe and meets environmental standards. Many important parts of your vehicle will be checked during your MOT test in Warrington. These include testing of vital components that have a large effect on your driving such as the steering and suspension, the exhaust system and the brakes. As well as more niche aspects like your seats, towbar and electrical wiring and battery.

The team at CJ Auto Service can provide you with the MOT service you require in a way that is efficient and seamless, so your car is not off the road for long. We can book you in quickly, so you can have your car’s yearly MOT in Warrington done in no time, so it is one less thing to worry about! Contact our team to find out more today.

These days, you need to bring far less to your car MOT in Warrington than you used to! This is due to most documents now being stored online. This gives your garage easy access to all of the relevant documents that are needed. In most cases, it is advised that you turn up with your vehicle (obviously!), your MOT certificate and Vehicle Registration Document. But not to worry if you can’t find these on the day, your garage will be able to find your details on the system, this is just for convenience!

Once you have left your car for its MOT you will not need to bring any documents back with you when you come to retrieve it, you will be given an MOT certificate that should be kept safe, however.

It is stated that the average MOT test takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour to complete. Of course, your car might be at the garage for longer than this, depending on the number of cars that are at the garage already. But once your vehicle is in the hands of an expert technician, like the ones at CJ Auto Service, we usually spend no more than an hour on your MOT test.

Of course, this is also depending on whether your MOT in Warrington is successful first time. If your car fails its MOT by a dangerous defect, it is not deemed road safe and cannot be driven away from the garage. As a result, it can either be repaired by the garage themselves or taken away via tow to your preferred place of repair. It can then come back to the garage for a retest.

Here at CJ Auto Service, we do everything by the book, but in an efficient way, meaning that your car is with us for as short a time as possible!

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