When does my car need an MOT?

When does my car need an MOT?

Once you find out when your vehicle’s MOT is due, it will be impossible to get the date or month out of your head. But what if you have recently bought a vehicle and don’t know when it has had its previous MOT tests? Perhaps you have recently passed your test and purchased your first car, and want to know more about this crucial yearly examination to ensure your car is road legal?

If you need some help finding out when your car needs its MOT test in Warrington, then you have come to the right place. Here at CJ Auto Service, we specialise in MOT’s in Warrington and are able to give you all the information you need so you can find out exactly when your MOT is due, today!

What is an MOT?

If you have recently passed your test, then you may be unsure about what an MOT actually is – and why it is so important.

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) is an annual test that every road legal car has to go through to ensure that it is in a condition that will keep the driver safe, as well as any fellow road users or pedestrians. The average MOT test usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour but may be longer if your vehicle fails and isn’t allowed back out onto the roads.

During an MOT test, important parts on your vehicle will be checked to ensure they meet legal standards. This includes testing the brakes and fuel system and checking all of the seatbelts within your vehicle fasten securely, not to mention the lights, mirrors, wipers and exhaust. These all, in their own way, help to keep you and any potential passengers safe when your vehicle is on the roads.

If your car is caught driving without a valid MOT certificate, you can face a fine of up to £1,000, so it is hugely important to keep on top of when it is time for renewal.

Is your car brand new?

If you have bought a brand new car, then lucky you! Your car should be in optimum condition and give you a smooth driving experience. For brand new cars, the MOT schedule runs differently, so if your car is under 3 years old, you should be aware of this.

Once your car is 3 years old, it is obliged to have its first MOT test. Until it reaches this point, you have no reason to worry about when it is due. Although you may not need an MOT Warrington, it is still important that you have your vehicle regularly serviced as it isn’t a guarantee that your vehicle is in perfect condition. If you spot any faults you should get them looked at by a professional engineer straight away, the team at CJ Auto Service can help you here.

Have you just bought your car?

If you have just bought a car that is more than 3 years old (which is the case for most first time drivers) then your vehicle will need its MOT test annually, which is once a year. This is to compensate for the fact that the vehicle is ageing naturally and will inevitably decline in performance and condition quicker once it is older than 3 years.

So once you have done your first MOT test with your new motor, be sure to make a note of exactly when it is due next year so you can be well prepared.

How do I find out when my MOT is due?

If you are unsure when your MOT is due and you want to find out for yourself to start preparing for the date, then there are many MOT date checkers online to help you instantly find out. By entering your car registration number the website is able to tell you what date you should be putting in your diary. It’s as simple as that!

Get in touch

If you have your MOT test coming up soon and are based in or around Warrington, then CJ Auto Service can help. We specialise in MOT’s Warrington and will be glad to fit you in at a time that suits you best.

To get in touch with one of our friendly team, simply give us a call today on 01925 589066 or email us at reception@cjautoservice.co.uk and we will respond as soon as we can.

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