Top 4 Audi Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Top 4 Audi Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

Got your eye on a new Audi, or already purchased one? Here’s how to take the best care of it.


Audi cars – be it the A3, Q8 E-Tron, or R8 – are some of the most popular on UK roads, with almost 110 thousand sold last year alone.

And it’s easy to see why.

With superior turbocharged engines, advanced technology and stunning good looks, they tick all the right boxes and are well-loved among drivers of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’ve got your eye on an Audi at the dealership or have already taken the plunge, knowing how to take care of your new car is essential. Especially if you want to protect your investment., Aas we all know, they don’t come cheap.

But how?

Here, our Audi specialists at CJ Auto share their top 4 Audi maintenance tips to help you keep your motor in tip-top condition.

1) Change the engine oil

When it comes to preventative maintenance, checking and changing the engine oil and filter is the simplest – yet one of the most important – steps to take if you want to keep your Audi in good, road-worthy condition.

Regular oil and filter changes help prevent the build-up of dirt, sludge and other debris in your Audi’s engine, to keep it running efficiently.

Doing this will also help increase your car’s fuel economy, meaning you won’t have to fill up as often in between journeys.

2) Regular servicing

Like with any other vehicle, regular servicing is incredibly important.

Not only does it help ensure your car is in tip-top condition, but it also catches out potential problems before they cause you any bother.

Working with a mechanic who specialises in Audi servicing is the best way to keep your pride and joy on the roads, as they have a much better understanding of the inner workings of the car and all the tools and speciality parts at their disposal when they pop the bonnet.

A service with our Audi specialists here at CJ Auto includes air and oil filter replacements, engine oil replacements, tyre rotations and much more! 

3) Check wheel alignment

Having your wheels regularly aligned is another key part of Audi maintenance.

Wheel alignment helps prevent uneven tyre wear, and improves the overall handling performance of your car. 

If you notice your steering pulling to one side or visible signs of tyre wear, it’s probably time to see a mechanic about getting your wheels realigned.

During a wheel alignment, a mechanic will thoroughly check all bearings, tyres, ball joints and other parts of the suspension to make sure everything is in order.

4) Keep everything clean

The outside matters just as much as the inside.

Taking a trip to the car wash (or doing it yourself if you’re trying to save some pennies) regularly – once or twice a month – for a clean and wax will keep your Audi looking its absolute best.

You should also make sure to use high-quality mats tothe maintain the longevity of your car’s flooring, and make sure to hoove these regularly to prevent food crumbs, dirt and other debris from being trodden into it.

Need more Audi maintenance tips?

If you require more expert Audi care and maintenance tips, or your next service date is fast approaching, we’re the team to call.

Our Audi specialists have many years of experience and know all the ins and outs of these stunning German motors.

We take pride in doing a thorough job and are proud to be recognised as one of Warrington’s top Audi servicing garages. 

To book a service with our team, or for further details on how to take care of your new Audi, give us a call today on 01925 589 066 or send your questions to and we’ll be in touch! 


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