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Hybrid And Electric Vehicle Servicing Explained

Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among motorists looking not only to cut down their costs, but their impact on the environment as well.

Servicing of traditional vehicles has been standard practice for decades, but hybrid and electric vehicle servicing might be something of a mystery to new owners of the eco-friendlier models.

The way they’re serviced is pretty much the same, but there’s a few additional checks that’ll need to be carried out – we’ll look at the processes in this post.


What maintenance do electric vehicles need?

As with any other vehicle, safety features including the brakes, suspension and tyres need to be checked on a regular basis.

Unlike conventional petrol or diesel cars, there’s no need for any oil changes or filter renewals.

When you take your car to be serviced, a technician will use a diagnostic machine to detect potential faults that may need to be looked at, and problems with your car’s battery (if any).

Wires will also need to be looked over by a professional to check for any damaged or loose connections – this is unlikely though, as they are well protected.

With fewer parts that need attention and less labour-intensive work required, you could see huge savings in comparison to the cost of servicing a petrol or diesel engine.


What about hybrid vehicles?

Compared to electric vehicles, hybrid servicing is a bit more complicated as they have several components that need to be checked.

They tend to have the requirements of a traditional service and an electric car service – all rolled into one.

Both self-charging and plug-in hybrid models are more expensive to service than conventional vehicles, especially diesel hybrid models because of their complex technology beneath the bonnet. 


How often do hybrid and electric vehicles need servicing?

You should aim to get your hybrid or electric vehicle serviced at the same frequency you’d get a petrol or diesel car serviced, in line with manufacturer recommendations.

It’s a common rule that you should have any vehicle serviced every 12 months or 10-12 thousand miles – whichever comes first.

We appreciate that some parts may need to be checked, repaired and replaced more often than others, which is why we provide hybrid and electric car repairs, as well as minor and major servicing in Warrington.

We want to make sure your vehicle remains in peak condition so than you can have the safest, most enjoyable driving experience possible.


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