How can CJ Auto Service help you in 2021?

How can CJ Auto Service help you in 2021?

Even if the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption throughout the world, cars maintain their place as one of the most important machines around. Although instructed to stay at home, these vehicles are a crucial getaway in case of emergency, perhaps to the hospital or to the shops for vital supplies. As a result, you are going to want to ensure your motor is still fit for the roads, and at CJ Auto Service we are committed to being by your side in order to achieve this.

As we move into the New Year, our values remain the same and we will always provide the continued high-quality service that we consistently give our customers. So, if you feel like your vehicle is in need of evaluation from an expert pair of eyes, or it’s that time where your MOT Test in Warrington is due, then we can help.

This blog shows how CJ Auto Service can be of assistance this year…

Is your MOT due?

Even in these challenging times, MOT’s are still a mandatory requirement to ensure that your vehicle is fit for the roads. If your MOT certificate expires, then you will be prosecuted if you are caught driving in said motor, as this can put yourself, other road users and pedestrians at risk.

This is why if the time comes to have your annual MOT test, you want to pick a company that can provide a quick and convenient yet thorough service that doesn’t compromise on quality. This is where CJ Auto Service come in, as we can provide an MOT in Warrington that you are happy with, providing all the relevant checks with experienced hands and a watchful eye, so you can feel confident and comfortable on the roads at all times.

Vehicle servicing

Much like an MOT, we recommend that your vehicle comes in for a service annually, or every 12,500 miles. These differ to MOTs as changes are made to your car to ensure that it is at peak condition on the roads. This can mean a much more detailed look into every aspect of your motor, with experts lending their know how to make sure changes are made to make your car perform at an optimum level.

For example, your car might be starting to decline in condition over its period of use, which is inevitable. So, by performing a service on your vehicle we can optimise its performance by changing its oil for example, or replacing spark plugs or air filters, giving it the improvements you didn’t know it needed!

Repairing your vehicle

Normally vehicle repairs are a pressing matter, which is something we understand at CJ Auto Service. As a result, you rely on us being convenient and quick in what we do, so you can get back onto the roads as soon as possible, with minimal disruption. This is something we are committed to providing, giving all of our clients a top of the range service that you can be happy with at all times.

Whether this be an issue with your tyres and brakes, or your clutch or steering, our repair service is on hand to give your car the TLC it needs.

So, if your car is experiencing the same old problems in the new year, then why not book an appointment at CJ Auto Service? We can use our expert knowledge and facilities to ensure that your motor is back on the roads as good as new in no time.

Contact us at CJ Auto Service

Is your car in need of being looked at, whether this be a routine check or something more urgent? If so, look no further than CJ Auto Service. Our high performance MOT’s in Warrington ensure that everything is done to the book and to the highest possible standards.

If you feel like you could benefit from our MOT’s Warrington or any other part of our service in the new year, then be sure to get in touch with our friendly team of expert technicians and we will happily be of assistance. Contact us now by giving us a call on 01925 589066 or emailing us at and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.

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