Air Conditioning Warrington

Car Air Conditioning Warrington

CJ auto service has the finest equipment when it comes to repairing or gassing up your car’s air conditioning system.
We service the old style gas (R134A) and the new style gas in more modern vehicles (R1234YF)

All our staff are trained to use air conditioning systems and this is key as the older more common gas is harmful to the environment and needs to be handled correctly.

The air conditioning system can be used in the winter to help demist the windows when they steam up, using the system in the winter will also help keep the system working correctly all year round.

The labour time to regas a car air conditioning system is approximately 1 hour, the system must be vacuumed of any moisture for at least 45 minutes With the new gas we also add the lubricating oil and a special UV dye, if you ever have a leak then the dye shows us where to look.

If you have a hybrid vehicle then the air conditioning system could cause the vehicle not to run and we would advise this system is checked regularly.

If your air conditioning is not “cool as a cucumber” then you need to give your air conditioning specialists a call…

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